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Motherhood Is Celestial


Thea is Greek for "goddess" or "divine". Called the "far-shining one" in myth, Thea was the mother of the sun, the moon, and the dawn. As Thea was revered for bringing beauty into the world, we want to encourage all mothers to go out and spread their warm and luminous glow.

Essential Practicality And A Divine Aesthetic

At Thea Thea, our philosophy is to combine fashion and function. Our bags are designed to complement a mother's sophisticated sense of style without sacrificing practicality. Light, comfortable, and cool, Thea Thea diaper bags are a trendy lifesaver for fashionable moms. With several new designs and accessories from diaper pads to nursing capes, you're sure to find the right bag for your own contemporary style.

Our goal is to provide the modern mother with all she needs to go out in confidence, in bags that flatter both her and her child. Because the best part of motherhood is sharing your own sun, moon, and dawn with the world.